Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Good wine is a necessity of life for me" - Thomas Jefferson

If love of wine is good enough for a Founding Father, it's good enough for us! The owners of Lulu agree - they are true wine enthusiasts (as we've alluded to in the past), especially Lia, who shows a unique passion for all tannins and grapes. We've heard her recommend a white on the blog in the past, but now that it's getting chillier, we asked Lia what are her favorite reds on the menu?

"I love the La Lumia Torreforte Nero d'Avola 2000 from the most southern part of Sicily. It's all volcanic soil in its rusticity and Sicilian sun in its ripe fruits."

She also shows a love for the Hans Fahden Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2000, from Napa Valley, which is grown by the slope of the old volcano, Mount St. Helena in Calistoga, California. Lia likes it becauses its "one of the few bold Cabernets with a dry finish" and reminds her of the European wines she loves.

Come try Lia's recommendations to Lulu (235 Mulberry Street, in case you've forgotten), or we've uploaded the wine menu (pictured left), so you can do some research yourself and have a wine that suits you to a tee!

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